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Six Star Diamonds is a wholesaler and manufacturer of fine diamonds. We specialize in Gia certified diamonds in all different shapes, sizes, colors and clarities from .40 - 15 ctw.

We have been in business since 1982 in New York City. In 1982 we established our corporate office, distribution center, and manufacturing facility in New York City. The country's diamond district is the world's largest, and it is where we established our headquarters. Being a family business, we take pride in our reputation as fine jewelers. Founded on years of working and searching for the finest quality diamonds, we're proud of our impeccable reputation



In diamonds, weight is more important than dimensions. Diamonds, measured by carats, weight approximately 0.2 grams. Diamonds can also be measured in points. The size of a diamond can make it appear differently sized. Due to their rarity, larger diamonds are more valuable.



Flaws, whether visible or not, can alter a diamond's brilliance and, thus, its value, even when they are nearly invisible. Clear diamonds are those without apparent flaws. There are three levels of clarity: Flawless (F & IF), Very Slight (VVS1, 2 & 3), and Inclusion (I1, I2 & I3).



Diamonds of fancy colors are more valuable than those of lesser uniqueness. Colorless diamonds are extremely rare : D-F, G-J, K-L, and Z color diamonds are transparent. There are blues, yellows, greens, pinks, and violets among the colors.



Cut typically refers to a diamond's shape. Diamonds are cut into various shapes depending on their proportion, quality, and the public's preference. Shapes like round, princess cut, cushion, oval, emerald, heart, and marquise are among the most popular.